Introducing the Re-Purposed Thinking Christian Blog

Introducing the Re-Purposed Thinking Christian Blog

This is not just a new theme you’re seeing here: it’s a new, re-purposed Thinking Christian blog.

As far as I know it’s the first one of its kind. Every worldview or apologetics blog I know of focuses its content on what’s of interest to the writer, which is how I’ve also blogged for more than eight years myself. The problem is that there are many people who people don’t visit our blogs, because they don’t think there’s something there of value for them. In truth they need to learn about apologetics and worldview, and in fact they really do care about apologetics and worldview, but they don’t know that they care about it and they don’t think they have any time for it.

Does that make sense? It does if you think of the situations we all encounter. For example:

  • The parent whose teenaged child asks, “Why do we believe in the resurrection when science says miracles can’t happen?” or, “Tomorrow is the Day of Silence at our school. How should I respond?”
  • The pastor who is preaching on justification to a congregation that’s been taught to “Imagine there’s no heaven… It’s easy if you try…No hell below us…Above us only sky”
  • The Christian on the job who’s facing an ethical issue, or wonders what it means to be a Christian at work: is there anything to it besides holding a weekly Bible study with Christian co-workers?

These are all live worldview/apologetics issues that really matter to real people who may not know just how very interested they are in apologetics and worldview. What they need is a website that’s geared for them. It needs to answer their most current questions, and do it in language they can get, and in the right size package. That’s what I’m seeking to accomplish here.

Here’s how I intend to do that, at least to begin with, since this is all new and therefore experimental. I’ll continue to blog as usual, except that:

  1. I’m going to be spending a lot more time behind the scenes listening to what pastors, parents, and everyday Christians are worrying about and wondering about, and
  2. I’m building special sections for pastors/teachers, parents, and Christians in the marketplace. In those sections I will supplement my blogging with material just for those people in those situations.
  3. I’m also creating a section especially for focused interaction on certain articles with atheists, skeptics, and seekers.
  4. I won’t be writing a supplemental page for every group on every post, but when I do write one it will be linked from the sidebar. See this post’s sidebar for an example.
  5. Soon I will be adding additional ways for users to give feedback, to help me know how I can better meet their needs.

I credit my son, the perpetually creative Jonathan Gilson, with major HTML and PHP coding to make this work seamlessly. Having said that, although he and I have worked things out on a development site, there are likely to be changes necessary after we put this into production. I welcome your feedback on how well the design works for you. Jonathan and I worked together on the visual design, and I’ll take the blame for any quirks or errors in that respect. We’re still working on some final graphics changes as we take this live—featuring the most recent post more prominently on the home page, for example. Your feedback on all of that is also invited.

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