Frank Pastore Is With The Lord

Frank Pastore, KKLA radio host of “The Intersection of Faith and Reason,” has passed away.

In his last radio broadcast he discussed (mp3 clip, 1 minute 13 seconds) what it would mean if he died in an accident. Three hours later he was struck on the highway, and after four weeks in a coma he has gone to be with the Lord.

I wish I'd known him. I learned some marvelous things about him recently through a close mutual friend, praying for his recovery.

I pray now for his family and friends. Frank Pastore has recovered, much as he said in that clip, but in a way that leaves a painful gap in the lives of loved ones he has left behind.


  1. Steve Martin

    I pray that the Lord has had mercy on him and that he is right now being held in the bosom of the Lord.

    I will miss him, as I used to listen to his program now and again.

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