Atheist/Skeptic Stories Still Coming

A couple weeks ago I invited atheists and skeptics to share their stories here, in hopes that it would help us see one another as human beings, and treat each other that way. Ray Ingles took the opportunity first, and I just left a comment there wondering how it went from his perspective.

A couple others have written me with their stories to post, and I’m planning to do that, but I’m going to wait until after Christmas. I would have liked to be more involved in the Ray Ingles conversation, and I know that the next week or so is going to be too busy for me to add something else like that to my list. (I’ll still post on other topics.)

Anyway, there will be more to hear from on the other side of the spiritual fence. My purpose in this, again, is to try to foster an environment where we really see each other as real people across the cyber-divide. I have yet other ideas to try, depending on how helpful/successful this experiment turns out to be.