“America’s War On Children”

David Marshall is an outstanding writer, both in print and on his blog. But this is exceptional: America's War on Children:

….it is the duty of the Church to call our nation to repentance, nonetheless.

That sin is no longer racial, but generational.

We are gravely sinning against our children.

The issue that comes to mind for many Christians, when I say that, will be abortion. But let me propose that abortion, including partial-birth abortion, is not the only or maybe even greatest manifestation of that sin. In fact, it is part of a coherent pattern, that makes the full extent of the crime even clearer.

To the sin of abortion he adds the debt we're passing down, and the parents we're stealing from our children via single parenting. He's not pointing a finger at single parents who find themselves caught in undesired situations. He's speaking of a generational pattern.

I would add this to what he has said. Romance and marriage have become about the couple: our thrills, our happiness, our fulfillment. Children are optional: Would we be happier with children? How many do we want? (Related to that: being married to someone of the opposite sex is becoming optional. It's a piece of the same phenomenon.)

It's about me and you, babe. (Maybe it's just about me and the babe who makes me happy.) Babies are another story. They're disruptive. They take a lot of work, and hoo, boy, are they expensive! Let's take care of ourselves, and let the next generation take care of themselves, whoever they may be.

I think David Marshall is on to something here.

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2 thoughts on ““America’s War On Children”

  1. I agree.

    Definitely on to something, and I think you’ve picked up on it brilliantly (thanks, Tom) — if children are a fashion accessory, then what, indeed, is the “problem” with same-sex marriage?

    Incidentally, since suggesting that homosexual weddings are “odd” is “hateful”, is it similarly “hateful” to suggest that it would be “odd” for a middle-aged black women to have a bar mitzvah? Sexist, ageist, racist hate?

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