Two, No, Three More Great Apologetics Blogs

Yesterday when I posted on the Christian Apologetics Alliance, I purposely left out two blogs that belong in a category of their own: The Poached Egg and Apologetics 315. Greg West and Brian Auten, respectively, have made these blogs prime go-to places for apologetics blogging, gathering material from all across the Internet. If you like audio and video, Apologetics 315 specializes in that particularly. Both are great resources. If I were to go to just three blogs on apologetics, I’d chose those two plus the Christian Apologetics Alliance.

And while I know I’d go crazy trying to keep up with mentioning every great blog out there, I want to give one more shout-out, this time to David Marshall and Christ the Tao. (If you’re not familiar with that Chinese term being connected with Jesus Christ, I suggest you read C.S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man, or else poke around awhile on David’s website and you’ll find it.)

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