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Technorati Top Ten Today

This morning Thinking Christian is ranked #14 inTechnorati’s religion category. Four of the higher-ranked blogs are written from non-Christian perspectives, which means this one is in the top ten among Christian blogs there today.

There’s no objective way to measure a blog’s traffic, quality, or importance relative to other blogs. Technorati is one of the more closely-watched attempts at doing the impossible. Undoubtedly its measures are skewed–especially by the fact that many blogs haven’t even opted in to the rankings there. (That weakness is even worse at Technorati rankings bounce around wildly from day to day for most blogs, including mine.

Still I’m really happy this morning, having cracked the top ten there. I want to thank everyone who reads and everyone who links in. You’re very gracious to hang in there with me!

Most of all I thank God. (Non-Christians aren’t going to get this but I’ll say it anyway.) Yesterday I was praying about everything I’ve been behind on, and it came out like this, “God, I really need you so I can get these things under control.” Then God offered me one of those moments of dazzling clarity: the motivation behind my prayer was to get God’s help for a while, until I could get my life back in order enough to run it on my own again.

What a foolish thought! I can’t even draw my next breath without him, much less be a good husband or dad, a good home manager, a writer, or anything at all.

I can be very spiritually stupid at times.

Still God is gracious. I’m celebrating a success today, and I’m thanking God for allowing me the privilege.

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2 thoughts on “Technorati Top Ten Today

  1. By the way, if you have a blog that’s not listed on Technorati, I encourage you to register there. Chances are yours will end up ranking above mine, and I’ll be just as happy with that if it happens.

  2. Whenever I think about asking God for what I would like or think I need, Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel comes to mind.

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