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4 thoughts on “Storms, Earthquakes, and Letting God Be God

  1. Well said Tom. I recently worked through Greg Ganssle’s treatment of the problem of evil for a talk I gave at Church. I attempted to address the problem of natural evil partly in terms of how moral evil can make natural evil worse, but ultimately natural evil cannot be explained to our satisfaction. The next time this subject comes up, I will be quoting from this post. Great stuff!

  2. Praying with you. I have some friends/family on the East Coast as well. And, yes, wrestling with God indeed. Also, plenty of squirming and wriggling to try and get out from under what at times seems like unbearable circumstances…”Someday”, when all will be revealed, is one of the hardest things for me to wait for.

  3. @Tom Gilson:

    One question, if you please. I completely agree with all your remarks about how the Bible writers treat the problem of evil. But I think there is a lesson to be learned here; why exactly did the authors (or God through them) chose not to deal with it directly? Job dismisses all theodicies. The Psalmist’s answer is, to put it crudely, “Trust the Lord, for He is the Lord”. Jesus answers in a fairly direct and straightforward way some questions, but the answers pose even more puzzles. Why did they felt the problem in a radically different way than we do now? There are cultural and social factors at work here no doubt, but I have been long pondering this question and have not hit upon an answer (if an answer there is). To summarize, what do you think this palpable absence is trying to teach us? Are we looking at the problem the wrong way? This would be my immediate answer; but it needs some considerable spelling out and I do not have it.

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