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The Christian Apologetics Alliance represents an expanding wave in Christian thinking and practice. It’s a Facebook-based group with a public page and an active blog at ApologeticAlliance.com, featuring some of the Internet’s best discussion on apologetics, worldview, and faith and culture. I want to highlight a few of the bloggers in the Alliance today, to encourage you to get to know them. These are all in my blogroll, hidden below the fold in the “Further Information” section. Here I’ll mention some of them above the fold:

Carson Weitnauer on The Main Problem With the Parable of the Blind Man and the Elephant

Eric Chabot on Why Naturalism Lacks Explanatory Power (Update 10/19: Eric informs me that this was a re-post from another excellent blog, Please Convince Me)

J.W. Wartick on The Argument from Religious Experience: A Look At Its Strength

Apologetic Junkie on Apathy, Atheism, and the Absurdity of Life Without God

IntelMin on Following Christ With Our Minds

Apologetics UK on Chronological Snobbery and the Resurrection of Jesus

Deeper Waters on The Great Reversal

Luke Nix on Questions That Are Off Limits

Matt Flannagan on “Same-Sex Marriage Is Not Valid Marriage”–A Potentially Convict-able Statement (in New Zealand)

Cory Tucholski’s recently completed series on The Six Ways of Atheism

Jonathan Sherwin on Isn’t Christianity Intolerant?

Maryann Spikes on A Dialogue on the Euthyphro Dilemma

Stephen Bedard on 9/11 and the Loss of Faith in Religion

Holly Ordway on Quirkiness, Medieval and Modern

Hard-Core Christianity’s Review of The Language of Science and Faith

Randy Everist on The Ontological Argument and the Trinity

Stephen McAndrew on Injected the Wrong Way (from Joyce’s Ulysses)

Wintery Knight on Six Reasons Why People Reject Christianity

Glenn Peoples on Moral Horror

Rob Lundberg on “You Can’t Prove God’s Existence”

I didn’t get all the blogs there, but that should be enough for you to browse for a good long while. Enjoy!

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  1. Tom, earlier this year you took part in an online streamed 2-day colloquium on apologetics with various other speakers. Any idea if/when another such event would occur?

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