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Real Freedom Is the Freedom To Be Real

My current column is up at BreakPoint: Real Freedom—The Freedom To Be Real

It's also about fake freedoms some people try to achieve by bending reality to their wishes. Reality just doesn't work that way.


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4 thoughts on “Real Freedom Is the Freedom To Be Real

  1. Two main problems demonstrated in that Breakpoint post:

    (1) An association of God with reality (when you said “In a sense, all rebellion against God is against reality…”).

    There are compelling reasons to conclude that all the “manifestations” of the Abrahamic God, like all other deities in human history, are imaginary.

    Which of the many faithful and divinely-inspired (yet mutually contradictory) conceptions of the Abrahamic God would correctly define reality for us? There is plenty of observable evidence to indicate that none of them is suitable for this purpose – they are all prone to error when it comes to describing, predicting or understanding reality.

    (2) An uninformed and unduly simple-minded view of sexuality (when you misconstrue the discussion of gender identity by saying “Male does not equal male, female is not female, but all is what one chooses, regardless of the (ahem) ‘limiting’ circumstances of one’s sex at birth”).

    Try googling “XY chromosome disorders”, and try to understand that there is an inherent potential in nature for the male/female distinction to be blurred in real life, as a result of real physical attributes arising from natural reproductive processes. (Did you ever wonder why primate males have nipples?)

    It doesn’t matter what ancient Hebrews and early Christians wrote regarding homosexuality – they were speaking from, and attributing divine origin to, their own ignorance and prejudice.

    Your own black-and-white view of gender, like any strictly segregationist view of race, is not consistent with reality, and stands in direct opposition to a true sense of social justice.

  2. Greetings and welcome back, Otto.

    Of course I know there is disagreement over the reality of God. My answer to your questions here, though, would be that the one “manifestation” that defines reality is the triune God revealed in Jesus Christ. I wrote this article for an audience primarily composed of readers who would share that opinion, otherwise I would have not proceeded from that assumption.

    I’m aware of XY chromosome disorders, and they don’t have anything to do with my topic here. Maybe in a fraction of one percent of cases they do, but I have more to say on fractional proportions, and the whole rest of your comment, in a new blog post I’m writing. It should be up on the server soon, and I’ll link to it from here when it’s done.

  3. I wish I had the humility to not need the rules. Thankfully we have the rules and the grace and fnreivgoess of our savior when we fail to abide. Good thoughts, GregAnna

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