Seventy-three days ago we moved out of our home in Virginia. Today we finally moved into our new home in Ohio. We actually took possession a few days ago, but we were camping: mattresses on floors, camp chairs in the living room, and a card table for dining.

For most of the seventy or so days in between we’ve been staying at King’s Domain and/or my brother’s home nearby–both of which were great in their way, but neither if them were intended for long-term family lodging. I told my family today that I’m not sure I remember how not to live out of a suitcase. It felt strangely strange (I intended that double word use) to put clothes on hangers and in a dresser today.

Also for most of those seventy-some days I’ve had little regular Internet connectivity. Tonight I’m connecting via my cell phone still. We should get the real thing hooked up here on Saturday. The lack of connectivity has been one of the harder things about this whole experience, and along with everything else it helps explains my relatively slow blogging pace.

So why am I telling you all this? Because it’s on my mind, mostly. I still have a lot on my mind even as we settle in. I’m going to split that out into another post, to follow immediately after this one: God is still good.

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