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Blogging has been tough for the past several weeks. I've been busy; I've been emotionally distracted.

We've packed up part of our home in Virginia, traveled to Ohio for house-hunting, taken a break in Pennsylvania, gone back to Virginia, packed up more of the home there, and now I'm in Ohio house-hunting again while other family members finish up back in Yorktown.

Yesterday we made an offer on a house we really like. They counter-offered, we counter-counter-offered, and now we're waiting for an answer. We've heard another offer has gone in, better than ours in some ways, and not as good in others.

It's a really nice house for us; it's the perfect yard.

And now we're in the phase of waiting, having no control over the outcome, wondering when the phone's going to ring with an answer.

God answered prayer amazingly when we moved to Virginia. We were living in a temporary apartment situation while we hunted for our home there. Things were unexpectedly difficult there. My wife drove to the one street we had found that we liked the most, where nothing was on the market for sale. She prayed, “God, if you want us to stay here, would you please, please, open up a house suitable for us on this cul-de-sac.” Two days later, one of the three homes large enough for our family came up for sale. We purchased it for under market cost.

God is the same God today he was ten years ago. Is that a ridiculously understated way to put it or what?

We don't know if the home we're trying for now is really best for us or not. The location could be better. The connections we might have with neighbors there seem to be good–I've talked with the next-door neighbor–but God only knows what it might be in years to come, there or elsewhere.

So we wait, confident that God is God, that he will guide us for our good and for the sake of the service we can do in his Kingdom.

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5 thoughts on “Waiting on God

  1. “And now we’re in the phase of waiting, having no control over the outcome, wondering when the phone’s going to ring with an answer.”

    I like when we are obviously made aware of our lack of control. How better to learn to wait on God?

    I’ll pray for you, Tom.

  2. Often when God says “No” or “Not yet”, He has something much better in mind for us than anything we could have imagined – if we could only see things as He does, eh? But, that’s why He says “Trust Me, I know what I’m doing here”. God knows exactly where He ‘needs’ you to be, Tom.

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Tom.

  3. I truly understand the concept of waiting… The world has attempted to condition us to want what we want when we want it…which has gotten many of us in trouble.

    I remember looking for my house…the long tedious waiting process…and I also remember praying to God for the right house. When I visited the home I bought, there was a peace when I entered…and the house included extra features that I did not know to ask for. After moving in, God continued to reveal to me more of His little blessings in, out and around my new house.

    Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalms 37: 4

  4. I’ve come to enjoy watching a reality show called Property Virgins, which follows people shopping for their first home. Every episode has them weighing inevitably imperfect options. The host mentioned once that you’ll generally never find the perfect home. It’s all a matter of weighing pro’s and con’s. I’ve realized this immensely myself recently, as I’ve been looking for my first home as well. There’s always some nagging problem with places I’ve seen, so in the end it’s just a matter of picking the best compromise.

    Funny thing is, the place I chose was the first place I had looked at. I initially gave it a pass (after some thought) as there were a number of nuisances about it. A little while later, after looking at many other places, I ended up coming upon the original place again which miraculously was still available. At that point, after having sifted through so many other unsatisfactory options, suddenly it looked a lot better than my original impression. So I got it, and couldn’t be happier about it (well, I could grumble about location too… but I won’t 🙂 ).

    Anyway, I’m sure God will provide (if not always with what one wants, with what one needs). Keep your eyes open, it’ll come.

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