Free Books!

Get a new book every month–for free! From Logos, the Bible software people.

Disclaimer: I got a free book for telling you about this. Well, not really–it’s the same one you can get for the same price: The Godhood of God, by A.W. Pink.

It’s a great deal either way.


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  2. Victoria

    I like Logos Bible Software – I just purchased Logos 4 Scholar’s Edition (for Windows) – it is truly amazing; I like digging deeper into the Biblical text, especially with the original languages and their nuances; and don’t get me started on the cross-referencing and search engines – fabulous! I’ll have to take advantage of the eBook offers, too.

  3. Kyle Fuller

    There’s now a new way to get free books from Logos! Logos has a new publishing imprint called Kirkdale Press and we are looking for individuals to review our upcoming releases. Visit our website to sign up to be part of our Reviewers Club and be on your way to getting free books BEFORE they come out!

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