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Daily Press Column: Atheists and Logical Reasoning

My quarterly column for the Daily Press is up this morning. It’s a revised version of my March 21 Washington Post column on New Atheists and reasoning. Here’s the place for discussion on it.

(Because of changes at the Daily Press I was expecting it to be behind a paywall, but it wasn’t, or at least not for me this morning.)

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6 thoughts on “Daily Press Column: Atheists and Logical Reasoning

  1. I was able to see it.

    None of the hyperlinks were activated, so it says “” instead of, etc. Maybe because the http:// wasn’t in front of it?

    If I may offer a point of critique?

    I feel like it would have been beneficial to describe one or two more incidents of New Atheist irrationality or to break down the Sam Harris debate a little differently. While I understand your points, I have benefited from following this blog for some time now – to others who aren’t somewhat acquainted with the issues your points might appear to be either “nit-pickey” or conflated…

    One part that I didn’t get was when you mentioned the True Reason book, then started speaking about Sam Harris. Was that in your book, or was that a separate issue? It wasn’t clear to me.

    Overall, I do appreciate that you made an effort to be specific, rather than painting all of us with the same brush. In that sense, I approve… perhaps it will draw more people here.

  2. You’re able to read it even though it is behind the paywall 🙂

    The irony comes in the comment section where someone named John Shuey (presumably an atheist) thinks that science has shown that God didn’t create humankind. *D’oh!*

  3. I see this article as a feel-good article for fellow Christians, and not an article to convince atheists of them actually being illogical.
    To the author’s credit, it’s not easy prove a point entirely in a newspaper article. However, the author moves from one point to another without coming close to being convincing. Such as, devoting a long paragraph to the lack of Harris’ rebuttal to Craig’s premises does not equate to Harris’ acknowledgement of the logic in Craig’s argument. This is so weakly supported and conjectural, it shouldn’t have been included in the article at all.
    In addition, what does “Christianity has a centuries-long tradition of strong thinking in all fields” mean, and how does it support the premise of atheist irrationality? This was the only response given.

  4. The irony comes in the comment section where someone named John Shuey (presumably an atheist) thinks that science has shown that God didn’t create humankind.

    I find a lot of people (especially atheists) attribute a lot more to the conclusions, purpose and capabilities of science than is true or reasonable.

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