Shadow To Light


I want to take a quick moment to recommend a blog to you: Shadow To Light. I wish I could say more about the blogger there–but he does excellent work, that much I can tell you. This, for example, on some serious errors in Victor Stenger’s recent New Scientist article. I wrote on that piece too, but when I read this StL on it, I said to myself, “I wish I’d thought of that!”

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  1. Sault says:

    I thought it was an interesting few posts. What struck me is how offended he was that Christians were being mocked. As a part of the non-believing community, we have been ridiculed and harassed and taunted and demonized and had natural disasters blamed on us… so Jesus was riding a dinosaur, so what? Seems pretty tame compared to being blamed for natural disasters!

    Some Christians really do believe that humans and dinosaurs co-existed, so why not ridicule this belief, given how incredibly unreasonable and unfounded it is?

    You’ve got the Creation Museum, for instance. I even found a few mentions of it here and here (okay, they did include a few weasel words) and here

    His assertion that ridicule == propaganda isn’t correct, either. I can be 100% correct when I deride some people for their beliefs – it really takes a special kind of person to believe, in this day and age, that the earth doesn’t move.