Believability Low, Reasonability Lower


David Silverman says the only purpose of the billboards in this video is to assure atheists in their neighborhoods that they are not alone. Do you see that message on the Arabic and Hebrew billboards anywhere? (I’m told that the non-English languages on them are nothing but translations of the English.) Is it possible he’s not quite telling the whole truth?

Note the use of imagery in the slavery billboard that opens this video. Images are powerful—sometimes even inflammatory, as in this case. This billboard drags a half-sentence out of historical and literary context, adds an image, and conveys an instant and thought-free message. It’s hard to square this with institutional atheism’s claim to be reasonable, isn’t it? For a well-informed, thinking perspective, check out Glenn Sunshine’s chapter in True Reason.


6 Responses

  1. SteveK says:

    Brilliant marketing campaign. Attempt to get others to change their negative view of you by making fun of them.

  2. d says:

    If anybody has ever driven through central Florida, those atheist billboards seem quite tame compared to all the church sponsored billboards, about everything from the evils of Islam and abortion, to atheism.

  3. Noah says:

    Atheists and Christians in dueling billboards. The new hit lifetime movie.

    I think the shock over these billboards are primary because they are atheist which is something new the billboard industry.

    Probably no better than here

  4. Noah says:

    haha I thought that photo is actually good for people who are into logic/reason discussions.

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