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Please Help With This Survey

I received this request by email the other day, did some checking, and it appears legit to me. I’d appreciate it if you would help with this:

I am a PhD student doing research on the personality differences between Christians and atheists. My survey ended up being posted on top atheist blogger PZ Myers’ site and I received over 25,000 responses. However, most of these were from nontheists and as a result I am in need of more Christian participants in order to balance out the dataset.

Therefore, I am hoping to reach the readership of some top Christian blogs in order to ensure a fair comparison in what is turning out to be a very interesting and groundbreaking study. If you’re interested and would be willing to post the link on your blog and/or Facebook page, I would greatly appreciate it. The questionnaire takes about 20-25 minutes and can be found at:


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