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New Christian Blogs in 2011

It’s still only February, right? (Just barely.) As I wrote this morning, there’s a reason I’ve been slow to fulfill my promise of highlighting new Christian blogs of 2011. Now that I’m able to find the time, I’m very glad to have encountered blogs like The Root and Fatness. Megan Carus is a thoughtful and colorful writer. From her September 27 blog entry, Altars:

Grunt work we often call it, the kind of work most find unfulfilling. But today every labored breath, every molecule of air, was laden with substance. He was building an altar….

For Jacob the middle of nowhere became a somewhere. Within view of Schechem an altar was erected that meant nothing more than a pile of rocks to passersby. But their eyes do not see the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. This pile of rocks in the middle of nowhere was a testament of providence, a somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

[From Altars | The Root and Fatness]

Just before Christmas last year, the anonymous (as far as I can tell) author of Willing One Thing wrote about “Santa v. God.” It’s more than the usual “God isn’t Santa Claus in the sky.” It goes into,

Such a view is childish and simplistic at best, degenerated and reductionist at worst. It denigrates our Humanity, the nature of evil, and God’s Love.

I’m often intrigued to read other blog’s titles. The author explains this one,

The title comes from one of Søren Kierkegaard’s Upbuilding Discourses in Various Spirits. The full title of the address is “On the Occasion of a Confession: Purity of Heart Is to Will One Thing.”

Kelly J. McCleary is a self-described seeker. Though this was to be a series on new Christian blogs, I appreciate the tone and spirit of her seeking, so I’m happy to include her blog here. She writes in answer to an unusually posed “Who am I?” question,

To describe just me requires a move to adjectives which are more about me than they are me. I guess I come to the same conclusion Rabbi Jacobs has, that I am a soul, a spiritual being which exists outside of my physical being. Hmm.

Reviews of her book The Best Possible World are intriguing. It might be an interesting read sometime. In the meantime I would want to encourage her to continue seeking: there is a God who loves us all, and who is there to be found.

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