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New Blogs in 2011: The Point

Here’s another of my favorite new Christian blogs from 2011. Like the last one I featured, I have a personal friendship connection to this one. In this case, though, it’s a group blog with several friends involved: The Point, with John Stonestreet.

Oh, and also

Okay, I admit to a little bias here. But these are great thinkers and writers. I’ve had opportunity to get to know John Stonestreet in particular this year. He’s a rare combination of bright, likable, aggressive (in the right ways), and humble, along with having an uncommonly solid grip on biblical truth. If you’re not hearing his radio broadcast/podcast, you ought to be. He’s been doing some very interesting interviews at Chuck Colson’s side lately, too: Jack Abramoff, Jimmy Carter, and several other interesting people.

The bloggers at the point are experienced authors and speakers on matters pertaining to Christian worldview. It is a distinct privilege to be associated with them. I’m learning a lot there, and I believe you can, too.

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