“Are You Ready for the Reason Rally?”

Series: True Reason

My BreakPoint column for this month:

I’m trying to imagine how one conducts a rally for Reason.

“Three cheers for Reason!
Hip! Hip! True Major Premise!
Hip! Hip! True Minor Premise!
Hip! Hip! Valid inference to a sound conclusion!
Now everybody go give your all for objectively and dispassionately examining evidences, and reasoning through appropriate logic rather than being led by emotion! Let’s go, Go, GO!!”

Something tells me that’s not what they mean by a Reason Rally….

[From Are You Ready for the Reason Rally?]
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2 thoughts on ““Are You Ready for the Reason Rally?”

  1. Naturally, this is not the reason of Socrates, but that of the “Religion of Reason,” of the French and Russian Revolutions, of Comte. It is “Reason” as a slogan, something to stick on a banner and march behind, and in the name of which to promote an agenda and shout down critics.

    from Ed Feser

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