Second Annual “New Christian Blogs” Feature


It’s finally time to begin my second annual “New Christian Blogs” feature. I had thought I would start this a couple weeks ago, but better late than never, as they say.

These are all Christian blogs that began in 2011. Today I’m going to share the list of blogs that came my way through requests in December so you can go ahead and start acquainting yourself with them.

Starting on Friday I will feature several of the better blogs, one or two or three at a time. These are listed here in no particular order. I like all of them! Some bloggers gave me a link to one of their best or favorite posts of 2011, and I’m including those links where they were provided.

A word about “Christian” blogs: I made a request specifically for new Christian bloggers to let me know about themselves. It’s always possible for someone with unorthodox or non-Christian views to respond to an opportunity like this. I’m looking through their some of their material but not all of it, and unless that limited survey shows me some reason to believe otherwise, I’m taking the stance of erring (if I must) on the side of trusting these bloggers’ self-description as Christian (“mere Christian,” in Lewis’s terms). You can let me know if I included someone here that I should not have.

Reasons for God: The Problem of Blind Faith

All Things Reformed: Preparing God’s People to Share Their Christian Testimony

With the Grain of the Universe

Books on Trial

The Providence of God

Rebel Theologian: Hellish Love

Christian Apologetics and Intelligence Ministry

The Root and Fatness

Razor Swift Research Group

Mimschach Musings: In the Face of Natural Disaster

A Civil Discussion: Secondary Objections: Faith and the Quest for Knowledge

The Point with John Stonestreet

Self-described as a “seeker,” and yet worth mentioning:

The Best Possible World

Begun before 2011, but also worth mentioning anyway:

Songs of a Semi-Free Man: Good

Faith, Reason, and Philosophy, via Google Translate (Finnish in the original)

Walking Beside the Boat

3 Responses

  1. Tim Muse says:

    Thanks for including my blog.

  2. Thanks for the referral! I’m looking forward to perusing the other links as well!

  3. Thanks for including my blog ‘The Best Possible World’, and double thanks for listing these – it’s difficult to find blogs that don’t “scream” at us.