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New Blogs in 2011: Reasons for God

It is a distinct privilege to be able to feature great new Christian blogs, as I’m doing now for the second year in a row. It’s even more of a pleasure when one of those great new blogs is written by a friend. I met Carson Weitnauer through a mutual friend who knew we both had a passion for developing the strategic effectiveness of apologetics ministry. Carson spends most of his time as a Telos Ministries campus minister in the intellectually challenging environment of the greater Boston area. He’s involved in helping with various national apologetics discussions and initiatives, and he writes an outstanding blog: Reasons for God.

I’ve had Reasons for God in my blogroll for quite a while. (That link list is hidden at the bottom of the page now, but it’s still there.) If you haven’t added it to your daily reading list, now is the time. For a first taste, you might read The Problem of Blind Faith, where he addresses a live and pressing question:

In talking with skeptical students around Boston, I have learned that few things drive them as crazy as Christians with a blind faith. They are perplexed: “How can your core convictions be completely divorced from reason and logic?”

He addresses it, as I say–and then he proceeds to challenge just about everyone on it, whether skeptic or Christian, because we all have a tendency to get it wrong.

2011 was a good year for new blogs. More to come.

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