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Looking for New Christian Blogs to Feature!

Second Annual New Christian Blogs Feature:

As I did last year, I’d like to feature several new Christian blogs that were begun this year. I don’t know of any list of new blogs, so I’m inviting bloggers to leave a comment here with a link to one of your best posts of the year. You can add your links any time between now and about January 5.

I’m looking only for active blogs with clearly Christian content, and only those that started up in 2011. Just like last year, I’ll list all that you send me, and I’ll take a closer look at ones that stand out to me.

Please pass the word along. I know that when I was a new blogger, any good link was welcome, and I’d like to provide that for as many good blogs as possible.

(Blogs that are not specifically Christian, that were begun more than about a year ago, or that have commercial purposes will not be included. I reserve the right to exercise my own judgment on blogs I include.)

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12 thoughts on “Looking for New Christian Blogs to Feature!

  1. One blog of interest that started this year is the C.S. Lewis Minute, It’s a podcast-blog done by William O’Flaherty of short audio segments on C.S. Lewis and related topics, including interviews with scholars. (I got to know more about this blog because I was interviewed for it this fall.) One of the interesting points about the podcasts in general is that they often highlight Lewis’ nonfiction work, not just the Narnia books. I think this is a blog worth noting because it is accessible for people who might not otherwise listen to a lengthy podcast, but without sacrificing quality of content.

  2. Tom, I came across your blog when my professor assigned me to read some book reviews on “The Next Christendom” for my Church History class. Your post was helpful!

    I started my blog earlier this year with the constant “encouragement” (nagging!) of a good friend. My blog is “active,” but because of schooling I can’t post very frequently. I hope to get something else on there over Christmas break. Hopefully you’ll take a look at it. Here is one of my favorite posts:


    ~ Bennett S.

  3. Daily Christian Thoughts
    A blog of writings from a Christian perspective. We believe in The Word of GOD as being the bread of life and the Truth. Please log on daily and enjoy… God Bless All!

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