Comment Spam Poetry

Comment Spam Poetry

Today in the comment spam quarantine I found this treat:

I’ve discovered an exceptional will become even quicker as opposed to I did so your regular way.

Maybe this is the kind of thing only a writer could love, but try reading it aloud. It has a rhythm to it. For best effect you need to drop “al” from “exceptional,” and if you like your poetry turned up to full nimble scanning level, you might cut the suffix off “quicker.” Other than that it flows quite nicely, for random nonsense.

But who am I to call it that? Maybe some English professor could draw some deep meaning out of it. Readers are welcome to try.

One thought on “Comment Spam Poetry

  1. I’ve discovered an exception
    all will become even quicker
    as opposed to…?
    I did so, your regular way

    We become complacent within our reality, our “regular way”. We develop patterns, and they in turn accustom us to the rhythms and ripples in our lives. We turn the pages, we solve our Sudoku puzzles, we eat, sleep, and drive thoughtlessly from one place to another.

    But someday something may strike us, some exception to that reality that we’ve contrived for ourselves, something exceptional and rare. This crack in the familiar becomes a glimpse of possibilities, of ways and motions and surprises.

    Faced with this exception to our rules our fancy strikes us, our eyes widen, and our mind begins to race with possibilities. Do we turn from this exception back into the comforting embrace of our patterns and rhythms, back into our dreamy somnambulance, or dare we grasp it, dare we quicken our limbs and wills, and run to it?

    The author speaks to his muse – the spirit of wild and unfettered hope, the wild child, the force of life and vitality itself – with the recognition that their life, their normal, their “regular way” is indeed one of boundless joy, of running from one exception, one exceptional moment, to another.

    See how the author refuses to even voice that which he discards? This is nothing less than an anthem of freedom and individuality, a statement of identity, an alignment with the eddies and currents that would break the chains of the familiar into a bright and shining future where the unknown is welcomed with arms wide open.

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