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“Singing Hymns to Gravity”

I thought you might enjoy this, from Tom Graffagnino:

Stephen Hawking has been talking,
Hawking Faith in what’s unseen;
Rub the lamp and there you have it!
We can see just what he means!

Watch!….. Spontaneous Creation!
All from Nothing like we thought…
“POOF!”…… String Theory’s “multiverses”
All strung out in Godless Noughts.

Mental prestidigitation,
Such Enchantment! Come and see!
One more nabal-istic missile
Launched through human history.

Scientism’s ekklesia
Heed the rebel spirit’s Call!
Magik Gravity in action…
Just relax….Enjoy The Fall!

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1 thought on ““Singing Hymns to Gravity”

  1. Loved your poem, especially Magik Gravity. In the second definition of gravity, i.e. as seriousness, I think Dr. Hawking was using his devilish humor to even mention God. It was a great marketing ploy because he knew that many people would respond…religious and atheist. That helps sell books and secures his retirement income.

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