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Of Interest: “Pastor Hosts Assemblies at Texas High School Despite Atheist Protests, Christian News”

Okay. Who’s running the real ploy here?

A Texas high school allowed an Assemblies of God pastor to lead two school assemblies Wednesday despite sharp criticism from a number of atheist organizations. The pastor, Kyle Embry, didn’t speak about faith or even introduce himself as a pastor during the event, yet some are accusing him of using the rally as a ploy to lure students to religious services.

[From Pastor Hosts Assemblies at Texas High School Despite Atheist Protests, Christian News]

It sounds to me like some atheists are using Kyle Embry’s perfectly legitimate assembly talks as a cheap opportunity to force another legal battle (yes, there were attorneys involved). It’s a stupid, groundless complaint. There is no religious test for who may speak in schools.

Sometimes I think the atheists are conducting their side of this battle as a war of attrition: just keep poking, poking, poking; just issue one complaint after another; until a few of them stick, and until we Christians get tired of fighting back. This is worth some thought: if that’s the kind of battle we’re in, what’s our best response, both in defense against these maneuvers and also in taking our own initiatives?

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1 thought on “Of Interest: “Pastor Hosts Assemblies at Texas High School Despite Atheist Protests, Christian News”

  1. How would you feel if a well-known atheist (say, Dawkins?) held a couple of assemblies at a local high school where he spent time talking about his moral opinions, the life choices that he felt teenagers should make, advised them as to what their sexual mores should be, amidst plenty of videos and music showing cool, hip atheists having fun, and advertised an after-school FAQ session with other prominent intelligentsia?

    Would you protest such an event?

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