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David Heddle on Jerry Coyne

Thank you, David Heddle:

Speaking of irony, Jerry’s little joke about [Thinking Christian as an] “oxymoron” in a post about debating is particularly ironic….

[From He Lives: Jerry Coyne, Slug]

I didn’t even see that Jerry Coyne post you mentioned until just now, because this time he didn’t link to my blog. I only read his blog when I see links from there coming to mine. Anyway, next time you’re really going to have to let me pay for breakfast.

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1 thought on “David Heddle on Jerry Coyne

  1. I really like David Heddle’s blog. I stumbled upon it a little over eight months ago while searching out answers to a lot of questions I had about the Christian faith, and even the existence of God. I found Thinking Christian via a link from He Lives.

    These two blogs were incredibly important to me in coming back to the faith after many years away. It was the first time I’d really read any reasonable alternative to what the Gnu’s were spewing. Their arguments (bad philosophy) and tactics (mostly ridicule, actually)can wear you down if you are ill-prepared to deal with them.

    Thank you Tom, and thank you David.

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