And a little child shall lead them?

And a little child shall lead them?

On a New Jersey school district’s summer reading list for middle and high school: one book depicting lesbian statutory rape, and another depicting a drug-fueled homosexual orgy. How did that happen? Call it the record-setting worst excuse ever for a bad policy!

Chuck Earling, superintendent of Monroe Township Schools in Williamstown, N.J., told Fox News that the committee “didn’t feel it was inappropriate based on the language that’s used, common language used on the street.”

[From Outraged parents oust gay sex books from New Jersey school reading list |]

Their sexual/ethical decisions were based on … common language used on the street. That’s right, folks—if he wasn’t misquoted (and I checked as many news sites as I could find), that’s what the man said. Is that astonishing or what? If ethics are based on the street, then they might as well toss out  their anti-bullying policy along with all sexual decency.

Yes, it does say in the Bible that “a little child shall lead them.” But it was talking about children leading wolves, leopards, calves, and lions, in the day when peace reigns through all creation. It wasn’t about responsible (?) adults letting kids at the lowest ethical denominator determine what’s right and wrong.

Educators: Act your age.

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  1. The correct, pedagogical response to “this is the normal language used in the street” ought to be “Let’s teach them a better way to speak.”

    If the role of the educator is to follow the common, street wisdom, rather than to lead it, of what use is education?

  2. Here in Portugal there was a proposal for a manual designed for children with ages around 12 that contained graphic depictions of boys and girls practicing self-stimulation (cannot bring myself to write the m*********** word). It did no pass, but that should give you an idea of the levels of insanity that Education in European countries has reached.

    Now couple this with a completely centralised education dictated by the state; ministries of education occupied by a bureaucracy specialised in that most obscure of disciplines called pedagogy; the fact that home schooling is punishable by law (in some countries at least, Germany being the most eminent example) and a few more nightmarish factors, with no short or even medium prospect of a turning of the tide, and you have a state of affairs that just thinking about is enough to send you into a severe depression.

    @Tom Gilson:

    Off topic, but how do you perform the trick of getting Bible texts hyperlinked in such a way that hovering the mouse over it a small window pops up with the text? Any special tags or the blog software automatically catches them?

  3. Here in the USA, I wonder if anyone could make the legal case that the state is violating church/state laws by insisting that state morality be taught exclusively. Isn’t humanism a federally recognized religion?

    Someone wrote about this, here.

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