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Campus Crusade and “Cru:” It’s Not About Us

Here’s where I think so many people are getting it wrong about Campus Crusade’s name change, especially the ones who say we’re doing it because we’re “ashamed” of Christ, or backing away from Christ, or falling away from Christ. They think it’s about us.

It’s not.

It’s about the millions of people who need to know Jesus Christ, and opening every possible door to reaching them with his truth. We are changing our name to advance that cause.

I have already written on how we hope and believe a new name will help. I ask you to read it (or re-read it) with this in mind: it’s about the mission. It’s about those who don’t know Christ, and their need to come to life in Him.

If we believed it would serve that mission better, we would all mount ten-foot crosses on top of our cars. If we believed it would serve the cause better we would wear the name of Christ in lights on our foreheads. If we believed it would reach more people for Christ, we would put His name in our organization’s name a hundred times! We love Jesus Christ, and we want others to know about him.

The reason we’re not doing those things (and our critics aren’t either) is not because we’re ashamed of Christ or falling away from him. It’s because they’re not good ideas.

We’re seeking the best way to reach people for Christ. That’s what it’s about.

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2 thoughts on “Campus Crusade and “Cru:” It’s Not About Us

  1. As a person who has ministered on campus for a long while, I welcome the name change to Cru, because it has been a slow but needed change. I don’t think “Crusade” is a word that is good to use in the same sentence as Christ. So my hats off to you. I think it honors Christ, and makes room for the gospel.

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