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Upcoming Author Discussion: “No Argument For God”

John Wilkinson, author of No Argument for God: Going Beyond Reason in Conversations About Faith, responded to my review of the book by proposing an online book discussion. We’ve agreed to go ahead with that discussion here, starting about one week from today.

There will be some special ground rules to ensure quality in this conversation:

  1. The discussion is primarily for those who have read the book. I encourage you to get a copy and dig into it.
  2. You may also participate if you haven’t read the book to the extent that you are responding to something that has been said previously on the discussion thread.
  3. Whether Christianity is actually true will not be a subject of discussion on this thread.

In agreement with John, I will enforce those ground rules by deleting comments if necessary.

Enough of those boundaries and conditions. I wanted to get them out in front of you now, mostly to let you know that if you really want to take part, now’s the time to obtain the book. As you’ll see if you follow the review link, I really liked some of it, but overall, I had significant problems with it. What that adds up to, if nothing else, is a lively discussion. I really appreciate John’s initiative in having this online conversation, and I hope you’ll join in.


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