“‘Arab Spring,’ Christian Winter – Investors.com”

In a Pew Research poll taken after the allegedly pro-democracy riots in Tahrir Square, only a third of Egyptian adults said they think it’s important for Coptic Christians to practice their faith freely.

Meanwhile, a whopping 89% of them say laws under a post-Mubarak government “should follow the values and principles of Islam.” And nearly two-thirds want laws to enforce Shariah — the barbaric legal code practiced in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan under the Taliban.

In a separate survey last spring, Pew found that a startling 84% of Egyptians favor the death penalty for people who leave the Muslim faith.

Clearly, Muslim hatred for Christians (as well as Jews) has not thawed with the “Arab Spring.”

[From ‘Arab Spring,’ Christian Winter – Investors.com]


  1. Gregory Magarshak

    Wow, this religious intolerance sucks. Why can’t people realize we are all on this earth for a litte while and rather than trying to kill each other and impose hardships on one another, we should just enjoy life? if you believe God has given you life, why not use it to help people, rather than oppress them?

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