Resurrection Hope!

Series: Easter Explained

This is the week when Protestant and Catholic Christians celebrate Resurrection hope. Easter is especially significant for our family this year, for my wife’s mother is very ill, and the doctors expect her to live no more than a few more days among us. We are looking at the likelihood of a funeral on or near Easter weekend. Sara’s mom will be celebrating the Resurrection in a completely different and far more glorious way than she has ever done before.

She is mostly sleeping this week, and she can only just barely communicate with her eyes, but the family members here have all said “we’ll see you there.” We aren’t saying good-bye, as if it were final. Though it’s painful beyond words, our pain is the pain of temporary parting, tempered with strong hope for a great future. We have confidence in Christ, who died and rose again for us, that following our deaths we too will rise again, to be with Christ and be reunited with our families.

I could take time to tell you again why I am so convinced this is true, but I’m in no frame of mind today for the argument that always stirs up. Instead I want to point you toward the sustaining power this hope provides today—even a day such as our family is experiencing—and the joy it can give forever.

This hope is for you and for your family, along with ours and millions of others’. On my blog’s sidebar you can click on “Who Is Jesus, Really?” I invite you to explore that question there, and discover him for yourself. Who is Jesus, really? Part of the answer is that he is our hope of joy lasting beyond pain.

2 Corinthians 9:15 tells it well: Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

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