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What is Christianity?

The question matters. It matters because if Christianity is true, then the way of Christ is the only way anyone can be rescued from the dangerous human condition in which we all live, and it’s the only way to experience a maximum life.

It matters in debate, too. Here at Thinking Christian, much of the discussion revolves around the truth of Christianity, or what Christians believe about various issues. It doesn’t do much good to debate Christianity’s truth if we don’t have a decent shared definition of what we’re talking about. It’s hard to fully explain Christians’ position on issues without situating those explanations on the bedrock of Christian essentials.

I’ve addressed this several times, yet still I hear the question, “What do Christians believe?” I’ve compiled my answers into an ebook you may download in whichever of these formats you prefer. (Right-Click, Control-Click, or Command-Click and “Save As…”)

(I do not have a way to test the Kindle version. Please  leave a comment if you have a problem with any of these files.)

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