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(Sort of) New in 2010: started up in 2008, but only just barely; it didn’t really get rolling until early last year. I’m not being legalistic about these “New in 2010” blog features, so I don’t mind including it. Today is a good day for it, since the author, M.V. Walker, is kicking off a discussion today with Ed Stetzer on MissionShift: Global Mission Issues in the Third Millennium, by Stetzer and David Hesselgrave.

That topic certainly fits the title of the blog, but its entries are in fact an eclectic mix of mission, theology, stewardship, comparative religion, practical Christian living—and that only goes back through December. Tying it all together are a very attractively designed blog layout, Walker’s excellent writing skills, and an obvious passion for following God. His top post for 2010 was a response to the “Friendly Atheist,” in which he pointedly exposes several fallacious arguments raised up against Christianity.

I’m going to be interested to watch the discussion beginning today, but I think this is a blog to watch even beyond that.

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