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New in 2010: Words of Wisdom

I’m featuring some selected new Christian blogs from 2010, proceeding in random order with precedence given to ones that were submitted earlier.

The one thing I’m not sure of regarding the Words of Wisdom blog is its title. It’s not that there’s anything lacking in wisdom there. Rather it is that the artist who runs this blog, JC Calkins,* does a much better than average job of presenting the beauty of Christianity that goes beyond words, setting the mood for each day’s blog post with a beautiful photograph of God’s creation. There’s more here than words of wisdom. There are images of glory as well.

I sense an artist’s feel in the text, too: a sensitivity to life experience, weighed in biblical measure. It is another refreshing break from the polemics I tend to be involved in, and a blog well worth following.

*Though I could be wrong, it appears from what I’ve been able to see that Scott Johnson, the engineer/architect who is Calkins’s partner in the overall website, is not a contributor to the blogging side of it. Some of the photographs might be his. I’ll be glad to correct this if I’ve misidentified the participants.

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