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New in 2010: Theology and Apologetics Roundtable

I’m featuring some selected new Christian blogs from 2010, proceeding in random order with precedence given to ones that were submitted earlier.

Today I’m pleased to take a look at Theology and Apologetics Roundtable, written by DeMarcus Sullivan. He recently graduated from Liberty University with a Master’s in Theology and Apologetics, but he’s still studying, this time for a Master’s in aeronautics.

Many of his recent posts reflect the pain of his mother’s passing away and Dr. Ergun Caner’s departure from his position as Dean at the university. Theology and apologetics meet life here. There is a strong intersection with life, too, in his posts on star quarterback Tom Brady and abortion survivor Gianna Jensen; and also in his personal mission statement:

In the power and union with Christ through the Holy Spirit, and beginning in my personal walk with the Lord, I surrender my purity as a single person to honor Him with a holy lifestyle, and I surrender my life without any reservation to go as He leads and obey as He commands. I will live an intentional life by reaching people with the Gospel, multiplying the Church through discipleship, and living an authentic Christ-centered lifestyle. In seeking a mate, I purpose in my heart to never compromise my purity, nor settle for anyone less than God’s very best for my life.

Look here, too, for information on other religions. This is another blog I’m pleased to recommend, for its reality, its good thinking, and its quality writing.

Pre-published on January 4, in advance of shoulder surgery.

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