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New in 2010: Sarcastic Xtian

I’m featuring some selected new Christian blogs from 2010, which were submitted in response to an invitation last month.

I suppose the first question about the Sarcastic Christian blog is bound to be, why the name? Why be sarcastic? J. Scott Smith’s answer to that question ends with,

I believe there are things worth getting a little riled up about, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to sit on the sidelines and watch them go by.

(He covered “Xtian,” too, on his About page.)

The first thing I noticed in this blog, besides the name, was the quality of its design and use of images. But that’s not enough. At first I thought it was pretty edgy, but I dug into the message further by reading several of the posts, and what I found was some very solid substance. For example:

To be honest, the “Christian witness” I see most often is underwhelming. Believe me – bumper stickers on your car, magnets on your refrigerator, and the farewell “God bless!” do not alter the trajectory of people’s lives. They’re not bad, but they don’t do anything either. Some people may go the next step and tell others how much “God has changed my life” and “this passage became so real to me today”. But that doesn’t go very far either. You know why? It’s because we are speaking a foreign language, and we’re saying things that make no sense to unbelievers.

Pointed? Yes. On the mark? Yes to that, too. Similarly for “Breaking God’s Heart,” and “America’s Religion,” from which I quote,

The Christian life must be a prior decision. You can’t make moral choices in the moment if you have not decided ahead of time what defines your morality. Your life is made up of little choices you make every day. And those choices have consequences that alter your life. If we do not decide ahead of time what will guide those choices, we have already lost the battle.

Keep an eye on this one—it’s good.

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2 thoughts on “New in 2010: Sarcastic Xtian

  1. What do you think the Sarcastic Christian thinks of Thruway Christians who write comments like this about abortion:

    “No being has the right to use another’s body as a life support system if the other does not wish it. I do not understand why people spend so much time debating how “alive” or “human” a fetus is. Whether you think of a fetus as a human or a potential human or a future human, they still do not have the right to use another’s body against the other’s will.”

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