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New in 2010: Journeys Through Life and Missions

I’m featuring some selected new Christian blogs from 2010, which were submitted in response to an invitation last month. This post marks the end of what has been a very enjoyable and satisfying series. Congratulations and thank you to all the excellent new bloggers!

Adam Garrett is a young man with a remarkable journal of Journeys Through Life and Missions. He’s a neighbor; I know his father, though I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Adam himself. I’ll be looking for an opportunity, though, now that I’ve met him through his blog.

He blogs biographically, transparently, with considerable vulnerability regarding these journeys. He is not afraid to articulate his questions, yet still he has no doubt that his life is in Jesus Christ and his calling is to follow. You won’t want to miss his account of his recent forty-day fast, and the miraculously dramatic events at the end of it. I’m now reading through his account of a period of homelessness, an experience to which God had directed him, he says; all the more remarkable since his father is the most prominent real estate agent for many miles around.

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