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New in 2010: Attempts at Honesty

I’m featuring some selected new Christian blogs from 2010, proceeding in random order with precedence given to ones that were submitted earlier.

There’s something really refreshing about the Attempts at Honesty blog. For one thing, it has a virtue I’ve never been able to lay hold of here: brevity. That’s a good thing, but it’s not what I like best about it. Mark McIntyre, the author, says,

My goal in writing this blog is to interact with Scripture with honesty. I believe that the Bible provides insight on how we should live. As I get ideas on how to understand and apply Scripture, I will share them with you here.

And that short snippet gives you a kind of feel for what the blog is about: direct engagement with and sharing of the insights Scripture provides. It’s not polemical or contentious, as are most of the apologists’ or atheists’ blogs I frequent. Instead Mark conveys a sense of personal confidence in God’s speaking, and humility regarding his own need to hear more clearly. He connects these insights with the world we live in, too, as in his Observations on Fantasy Literature.

I think this is going to be a good thing for me to stay in touch with.

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  1. My pleasure. By the way, I saw your mobile theme this morning, and I liked it so much I installed the same plug-in for this blog. Thanks for steering me that way!

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