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New in 2010: Hard-Core Christianity

With a word of thanks to all who responded, I now begin the delightful duty of featuring several new Christian blogs from 2010. I’m starting with one that was submitted by a third party, Holly Ordway. I figured if a blog is good enough for someone else to note (especially Holly), it must be high quality.

Hard-Core Christianity is Melissa Travis’s blog on “Apologetics, Worldview, and a Pebble in the Shoe.” The author is a grad student at Biola University with a background in biology and genetic research. She says of herself,

I’ve spent more than a decade studying genetics, the origins debate, and philosophy of science. I also love the study of Christian apologetics, and I direct a community-wide study group that covers the various related issues.

I’m impressed by the eclectic mix of topics in her most recent posts: Intelligent Design, worldview and social science, theology and devotional life, philosophy (the problem of evil). I could go on. But she’s not just covering ground, she’s doing it with a readable writing style, wit, and solid thinking.

Hard-Core Christianity is going in my blogroll and in my newsreader for daily reading. She’s been out for a break, apparently, since the second week of December (finals, maybe, then Christmas?), but I hope she picks things up again soon.

And what’s this about “a pebble in the shoe”? I don’t know, but I think it’s would be a good guess if you thought it might be related to this.

P.S.: Three new submissions in response to the invitation (which closes January 7)

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