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Canadian Court Redefines Religious Freedom

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeals has ruled that marriage commissioners may not refuse to perform same-sex “weddings,” even on religious grounds. The Alliance Defense Fund asks and answers the obvious question,

Well what about the religious freedom afforded Canadians in its Charter? The Court had a chilling answer to that as well. It said that “the obligation to solemnize same-sex marriages does not affect or interfere with the core elements of a commissioner’s religious freedom: the freedom to hold beliefs and the freedom to worship.”

[From Oh Canada! The Homosexual Agenda Steamrolls Religious Freedom]

Religious freedom is restricted to the private domains of  belief and worship, and freedom to “hold beliefs” does not, apparently, include the right to act in accordance with one’s religious beliefs. Freedom of conscience is excluded as well. It rings a distressingly familiar note for us who live south of the friendly border. Are we prepared for this?


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