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“Petition to Steve Jobs and Apple”

I urge you to study this page from the Manhattan Declaration carefully, decide whether it reflects your beliefs, and if so, to indicate your agreement by signing the petition. Here is an excerpt:

Despite the claims of some, the Declaration does not promote hate or homophobia. It is not anti-gay. Rather, it proclaims that all human beings are loved by God and are worthy of respect.

Civil discourse is a hallmark of a civilized and free society. Disagreement is not hate. We urge you and Apple, therefore, to promote communication and civil dialogue on these important social issues by reinstating the Manhattan Declaration App.

Update: if you can’t access this link, please see comment 5 below.

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9 thoughts on ““Petition to Steve Jobs and Apple”

  1. Signed, thanks for the heads up.

    I have to say, I’ve always supported Apple’s right to pull whatever it wants. Then again, I also support the right of people to petition them about this.

    I’m shocked they yanked this app. Here’s hoping they reverse themselves, because what’s being said about the Manhattan Declaration is insane.

  2. Here’s an update at 11:30 am, December 2, from the Manhattan Declaration:

    Dear Friends,

    Yesterday we emailed all signers of the Manhattan Declaration, asking them to sign a petition urging Steve Jobs and Apple to reinstate the Manhattan Declaration iPhone/iPad app.

    We already have 7,000 signatures, but the traffic to has been so heavy, that our servers have slowed down considerably.

    If you have had trouble accessing the petition online, please use our affiliate petition page (CLICK HERE). On this page you are signing the very same petition available at the Manhattan Declaration site. You can also sign the petition by accessing the Manhattan Declaration Facebook page (CLICK HERE).

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