More New Christian Blogs in 2010

Many thanks once again to bloggers who have responded to my call for a list of new Christian blogs in 2010. As I said last week, I will feature several of them but not until after New Year’s Day, because of the slow traffic here during the holiday season.

The invitation remains open until January 7. If you have (or know of) a Christian blog that started up in 2010, please leave a comment either here or at the original thread with a link to your favorite post of the year. Meanwhile, here in no particular order are the responses since last week, linked to the page provided in those responses. I continue to be impressed!

(Blogs that are not specifically Christian, that were begun more than about a year ago, or that have commercial purposes will not be included in the invitation mentioned here, though. I reserve the right to exercise my own judgment on blogs I include.)


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  2. Alan


    I’m starting a new Christian blog for 2011. I’ve written only a few entries so far. I’m looking forward to trying to make your list next year 🙂

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