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Looking for New Christian Blogs To Feature

As the year ends I’d like to take a look at new Christian blogs that were begun this year, and feature several of them here on Thinking Christian. I don’t know of any list of new blogs, so I’m going to invite bloggers to leave a comment here with a link to one of your best posts of the year. You can add your links any time between now and about January 7.

I’m looking only for blogs with clearly Christian content, and only those that started up in 2010. I’ll list all that you send me, and I’ll take a closer look at ones that stand out to me as favorites.

Please pass the word along. I know that when I was a new blogger, any good link was welcome, and I’d like to provide that for as many good blogs as possible.

(Blogs that are not specifically Christian, that were begun more than about a year ago, or that have commercial purposes will not be included. I reserve the right to exercise my own judgment on blogs I include.)

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25 thoughts on “Looking for New Christian Blogs To Feature

  1. I started my Bible-Science Guy blog on WordPress in Jan 2010. Previously I had several blogs on the same topic on other blogging platforms which lost support. I’m gradually migrating those past posts to my current Bible-Science Guy blog on WordPress and posting the old posts under their original post dates. So I’ll let you judge as to whether my blog qualifies as a new blog for 2010.
    My most recent blog post is “Beavers and Intelligent Design” at

  2. I sincerely appreciate your consideration of my new blog as one to highlight. I began this new blogging adventure this year (October 2010) and am looking for opportunities to spread the word about it. I’m so glad I recently began following your blog.

    Anyway, the permalink to my blog is:
    And here’s my fave post in which I identify personal (not theological – that’s been covered by Sproul, MacArthur, and others) concerns with the Manhattan Declaration app:

    Thanks again for your consideration.

  3. I actually started this last December so just a month off, but I didn’t start serious blogging until this past November. So, I hope it is acceptable!

    This is my post on Is God Knowable?

    I do have a few post, including my most recent talking about my spiritual walk right now and how it is kinda down, but I do believe it is simply just my Dark Night of the Soul, so you can read that if you want or you don’t have to. The one I would like you to read however, is the Is God Knowable post. ^_^

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to share my blog. I started The Poached Egg in June 2010 (I’ve even featured some of your articles. I am a layman and work a full time blue collar job. I started studying apologetics about seven years ago. I write a few essays myself (as time allows)along with a few others, but mostly post articles and essays from other apologetics websites and blogs. Here is a short summary…

    The Poached Egg, the Christian apologetics journal where theology, science, philosophy, history, and pop culture collide. It is our goal to help guide belivers, seekers, and skeptics alike to the Ultimate Source of Truth.

  5. Spirituality today needs to be both intellectually and visually captivating. This site has a loyal following, is beautifully written, contemporary, inspiring and true to the bible. Check it out. You quickly discover an enjoyable way to learn about the living Word.

  6. I like what you’ve done so far, Joshua, and I think, if done right, it has great potential. Don’t know if you intended it this way, but it reminds me of “The Far Side” in some respects.

  7. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I started the Apologetics Guy blog this year to help people bring accessible apologetics training to their churches.

    I help develop defenders of the faith through my speaking and training, as well as teaching tips, simple illustrations, and approachable lessons people can easily use to train others—most of this stuff is just plain free content on my blog.

    My blog’s still kind of new, but I’ve now got 51 posts. Here’s one that was picked up by Apologetics 315 and Wintery Knight: A Simple Defense of Miracles

    I also agree with Holly. Gotta put in a good word for my friend, Melissa Travis, at Hard-Core Christianity.

    So cool to see apologists supporting each other online. We’re in this thing together. To God be the glory!

    Thanks, Tom.


    Apologetics Guy

  8. The Samoa Files (Sermons from Samoa). Engaging with post-Tsunami Samoa has been a challenging experience for a straight-talking, opinionated, theologically averse, denominationally-free Christian thinker. The blog started in earnest March 2010 with a couple of early posts from late 2009. Possibly best described as Christian philosophy experienced “From the Trenches”. Thanks for the invite – enjoy the read!

  9. Within the past couple months I have heard more and more Christians speak excitedly about where they see God moving in ppl’s lives. Moving them to rethink their religion into a personal connection with Him and using everyday believers in radical ways, taking Him outside the box we tend to put Him in. I believe God is calling us to examine our hearts, and let Him in… I am a part of the “un-religious” generation, and I LOVE Jesus. I am EXCITED to write about the ways which God is molding my heart into His idea of beauty, and pray for the ability to be genuine, honest, and humble about it all the way.

  10. Well, not exactly new this year. I took a 3 post stab at it way back in 2008. But I’ve added a fair bit more this year. And perhaps not quite what you’re looking for. Anywho, it’s called Biblical Chiasmus, and I explore the rather specific top of reverse parallelism in the Bible. My commentary has been rather sparse, as, for now, I’ve mostly been simply plugging in a number of Chiasmi.

  11. Your link misses the .com Daniel, is the one. For someone who has been blogging only a year you have put together some brilliant stuff. As Tom said, it’s good that he didn’t make it a competition, but if he did I would give you the overall prize for ‘class’. Maybe you should move your bog to your own domain name ( is available) as you’re right up there. A few little spelling/grammar/typos takes the gloss off a pretty professional blog in my opinion. You’re now on my RSS reading list mate!

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