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Yesterday I drafted a post about events in Dearborn and published it here. Very soon afterward I realized I might have opportunity to do further background research, so I pulled it off the site. After doing that further research I decided to delete it permanently. Those of you who have subscribed to this blog by email may have received it overnight anyway. I did not expect it to be sent that way, and I want you to understand that parts of it no longer accurately express my views. Thank you.

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The comment function here has been out of service, possibly causing frustration, for which I apologize. You can comment again now, and it will save and post as it should do. First-time commenters' comments will not appear, however, until approved in moderation.

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  1. A commenter on Ed Brayton’s blog pointed to this blog post in connection with a previous one on this topic, and said the two posts indicate “disarray” among “former evangelical friends/supporters.” Be aware that the correction I gave here has nothing to do with the other linked blog entry. It refers to a now-deleted blog post seen only by those who were subscribed by email on the day I first posted it.

    Disarray? No, just waiting for all the facts to come in.

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