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  1. This post is very timely for me as my children enter their teen years. There is so much to learn about God and reality, and so much confusion and nonsense out there. Most of the nonsense comes from sources that are held in high esteem, such as the news media, scientists, educators, authors, celebrities, etc. The stakes are high – the Truth is at risk – so I want to train my children to think carefully and properly about these things. That is why I love Greg Koukl’s radio show.

  2. Thanks for the review.

    I’ve read the book a couple of months ago and really learned a lot from it.

    Tactics can be very effective in face-to-face conversations with unbelievers. But I wonder how it can be applied in Internet forums. Do you have any suggestions how a Christian might apply the principles in Tactics in Internet forums?


  3. Dante,
    Asking questions is the best approach. Most don’t have the patience for it when they are in an online environment. Online, it’s easier to assume what needs to be assumed rather than ask questions, because it expedites the process of “winning”.

  4. I really appreicate Brian’s work at Apologetics315 as well. BTW, Tactics is one of my favorite books to give to people who are new to defending the faith. It’s approachable and practical. When I was a youth pastor, I stocked out bookstore with Tactics and we sold out in a weekend! People were really blessed. Great review, by the way. Thanks for writing this!

    Apologetics Guy

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