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“Christian faith and modern British politics, a layman’s view”

From mattghg in the UK, a principle applicable anywhere:

My own view is that it is extremely puzzling for a government to legislate in such a way as to make ‘incitement to x’ illegal, when ‘x’ itself isn’t illegal. Take incitement to murder (right). Murder is illegal, and so for incitement to murder to be illegal makes sense, since it amounts to encouraging someone else to break the law – presumably on your behalf. However, since ‘hatred’ isn’t illegal, how can ‘incitement to hatred’ be illegal?

Suppose, however, that I’m wrong about this. Very well. What remains as a concern in the minds of many Christians and others is just what is going to count as ‘incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation’ under this law.

[From Raskolnikov, Lost in the Cosmos: Christian faith and modern British politics, a layman’s view]


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