More From the Christian Carnival: Strong Links

More From the Christian Carnival: Strong Links

I posted a quick link to the current Christian Carnival the other day. There are a few posts there that I think deserve further attention, now that I’ve had more time to look at that:

An intriguing and thoughtful view of Biblical meaning, authority, and inerrancy, at Sunday Study.

A “life of risk for God” from the Lyndons. Recently I told my family that one thing I have learned in 30 years of Christian ministry, that I wish I had understood at the start, is the value and joy of taking risks. If I had it to do again I would take more chances, fail more often, and see God work in more amazing ways as I trusted him for more difficult challenges.

We’ve talked about the definition of faith here before. Biblically Driven takes a multi-faceted look at what faith means.

Prosper and Be In Health explores some gray areas and finds them to be, well, gray; and that’s okay.

The church? Or “Doctor Living Stone?” Good biblical insights from the Beretta blog.

Crossroads points out that the Robertson-Haiti “fiasco” isn’t as one-dimensional as many have thought. talks about the biblical doctrine of man. I just saw a Truth Project episode on the same topic Thursday. Next to the doctrine of God, it is without a doubt the most important thing we need to know about reality. As for the doctrine of God (and other teachings), there is a good case built for studying theology at Pastoral Musings.

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