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What Does Your Church Feel Like?

I asked a different kind of question in my current column for the Newport News Daily Press:

What does your church feel like? Recently, I heard a talk by Gary Hamel, a Christian business consultant, who raised the issue of what we value most. Next to our beliefs, values could be the most important factor that determines what a church is really like. One way to think about that is to consider what church feels like, for members as well as for visitors.

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3 thoughts on “What Does Your Church Feel Like?

  1. I read your Churches Values piece on and wanted to suggest that you check out nuChristian: Finding Faith in a New Generation. The book is a response to unChristian which you reference, and offers practical suggestions for churches which want to reach out with a Christlike community that is authentic, humble, honest, holistic, engaged, transparent, etc. Here’s the link to the book on Amazon.

  2. The Nov-Dec issue of Touchstone has an article that’s tangentially related (via the tension between beliefs and feeling):

    “Souls Bound & Unbound”
    Peter J. Leithart on the Surprising Madness of the Gospel

    Unfortunately the text is not available online.


  3. Thanks, Kim, I’m going to take a look at that. Lawrence, I have that magazine and I’ll be interested to read that article from that angle.

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