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Why Blogging Has Been Slow

I’m actually sitting down to work on a new blog post this morning. I have done so few lately—and in particular it has been so long since I’ve picked up my series on the resurrection—I thought I should preface it with this. In the past three weeks or so I have traveled to three different cities. I led or helped lead meetings in two of them, had mostly family time in the third, where my nephew got married.

Also in that time period one of my kids had an accident that resulted in an ambulance ride to the ER (everything turned out fine).

Our pet rabbit had a spine injury that caused near-paralysis of his hind legs. We’ve been preparing ourselves and the kids for telling the bunny goodbye. Yesterday, thankfully, we got a good report: it appears to be a soft-tissue injury that should heal in a week or two.

I’ve had several significant job-related writing projects, two of which are still ongoing.

I finished and submitted a book proposal to a publishing agent.

I wasted two perfectly good Saturday afternoons watching Michigan State lose two perfectly winnable football games. They’re playing Michigan today, and I really hope I don’t waste the afternoon today. I’m certainly planning on watching it; I just don’t want it coming out the way the last two did!

My blogging software died a little over a week ago. There are several users waiting for the developer to solve the problem. I can still write a blog entry, but it’s a lot harder this way.

And the rest of life hasn’t stopped…

So that’s why I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I’m not even sure the next entry will make it on to the blog this morning, but I do hope to get it done before the end of the day.

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2 thoughts on “Why Blogging Has Been Slow

  1. I have to confess. We didn’t have it on TV here, but we were listening to it on an audio stream. At the end of regulation time, when we had blown a big lead with just two seconds to play, I had had all I could take. So I told my family, “I’m going for a walk. Call me on my cell phone if we win.”

    I got the phone call. And now I’ve seen the ESPN highlights, and I’m feeling a whole lot better about things!

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