Christian Carnival CCXCVII


Welcome to Christian Carnival CCXCVII, October 7, 2009!

We begin with Allen Scott, presenting The Scapegoat posted at Journey Across the Sky; a study of redemption and atonement from the Old Testament.

Cheryl Hackett says of her entry Time: What’s It To You (at Moms In Need of Mercy), “I examine one’s philosophy toward time management and explore whether a schedule or routine could help busy moms improve their home management.”

FMF discusses The Prudent and the Simple at Free Money Finance. Based on the Proverbs, this post contrasts the prudent and the simple in the way they handle money.

John has thoughtful words about abortion at Brain Cramps for God. He concludes: . . . and Our Work is not Done.

Cindi Albright at Rustique Art really likes wall crosses, and has a moving story about one in particular at Wall Crosses ? The Stories they Tell: “You ask anyone who collects crosses,” she says, “and they will tell you where bought it, found it, received it and from who and what that occasion or person means to them.”

Diane R has some provocative suggestions about Adult Sunday School Classes’ Format at Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet: “What would happen if churches organized their adult Sunday School classes differently to meet various levels of maturity?”

“How do you feel when a friend has forgiven you?” That’s the opening question of the blog entry Forgiveness, posted at Chasing the Wind. “God has forgiven you, so let those past mistakes go. You are free. A study of Psalm 32.”

Allison Johanson presents an annotated list of Top 25 Social Media Sites for Christians posted at Accredited Online Bible Colleges.

historyiselementary makes an object lesson out of some very old trees in Old as Methuselah…, posted at Got Bible?.

Barry Wallace has some good advice and some comic relief for us at Help for Conspiracy Theorists posted at who am i? He says, “Not much to this post—just a couple of good links, and a humorous video.”

Rey presents And Christians Aren’t Jedi Knights posted at The Bible Archive. He describes it as, “Looking at the Holy Spirit’s Work in the Community.” More specifically, he is examining how the Spirit speaks to Christians today.

Jeremy Pierce presents Signs of Forgiveness posted at Parableman, saying, “We’re commanded to forgive 70 times 7 times. But what exactly does it take to have forgiven someone?” That’s a good question, if you ask me. He has good answers.

andriel expresses some serious concerns at Rob Bell’s “Nooma 019 Open” ? (Review), posted at

And finally on my own Thinking Christian blog I continue a series on the Resurrection, with Evidences for the Empty Tomb.

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  1. John says:

    Great job on the carnival. Thank you

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